If you do not want to become a victim of scams , do not chase "extremely profitable" and "ultra-cheap" offers.Seeing an interesting proposal, put yourself in the seller.Think about why it makes such a discount?For example, it makes a big write-down on food.This may be due to the expiry date.So before you buy, read the date of manufacture and expiry.
should be wary and if the promotional offer formulated flowery and incomprehensible.It is not a coincidence, but a well thought out marketing approach that allows unscrupulous producers to shirk responsibility.With such companies better not to get involved.
To protect yourself from scams check informs you.If the company has decorated his office with diplomas and certificates, read the details of organizations to issue these documents.Then learn in t
hese institutions, whether the firm was awarded this regalia.In the case of fraud with the company dissolve the business relationship.After giving customers false information once, they can do so in the future.
should also be said about the fraud on the Internet.Before you take part in any financial project read the reviews on this site.These precautions will help you to save money.
Trust only facts.For example, if an Internet entrepreneur said that 10 years in the network, check the age of the site.To do this, use one of the following resources:,,, http: // the site is really there for 3-4 months, then most likely, it was up to the creator of some scam and attracts future victims of the illusion of safety.
Another way to check an online resource for honesty - contacting support.Ask a question about one of the directions of the site.If this one-day project, you do not answer, because such resources simply do not have the support services.The answer may come vague and generalized.This means that the developer does not want you to devote all the nuances.And in the case of claims accuse you of inattentive reading agreement.