you need
  • Individual respiratory protection from smoke, thick covering material in case of fire to overcome obstacles without the aid of firefighters.
Cut people stay indoors.Saving people from a fire should occur in a very short time.Fire is especially dangerous to human life.Due to the increase of the ambient temperature, flame, smoke, and the formation of toxic products in the air, the human body ceases to function normally.
Reassure people.Avoid the occurrence of panic attacks in rescuing people from a fire.Make sure that no one is forgotten in a hurry.Do not let everyone make their own decisions on rescue.The inability to properly assess the situation increases the risk
of injuries and burns.
Pick for each individual respiratory protection against fire and smoke: a towel, a handkerchief, a piece of cloth, bedspread, blanket coats.Even the available means of protection will reduce eye irritation and respiratory smoke and thick - fire protection.Keep in mind that children, the elderly, the sick and the already affected people require special attention and care.
Select the safest way in saving people from fire.Find remote from the fire and smoke out of the room and covering the nose and mouth from the smoke, leave it.If the fire is on its way to the exit, cover yourself with a blanket or coat and overcome obstacles.All of this is acceptable with little heat.If it is impossible to leave the scene of the fire on their own, you need to hide the arrival of fire brigade of the fire on the balcony or loggia, firmly closing the door.