global problems of our time - the problems that the world community must solve together.They can be divided into several groups.The first group includes issues related to the social, economic and political life.It is necessary to keep the peace on the earth, come to a demographic balance, to get rid of political aggression, poverty, etc.The second group is related to the extremely rapid technological development.On the health and welfare of the people themselves, it has a significant negative impact.The third group is directly linked to the preservation of the Earth's ecosystem.Obviously, all these issues are interlinked and require a comprehensive solution.

There are a lot of global problems.But more attention is paid to
the following:

Prevention of Nuclear War

very much on this topic appeared Academician Andrei Sakharov.Participate in the creation of the hydrogen bomb, later he called to stop nuclear tests.And another famous scientist, Albert Einstein once famously said: "I do not know what weapons will be carried out the Third World, but the fourth exactly with sticks and stones."The most progressive science is clear that a nuclear war would lead to the destruction of all humankind.

scarcity of natural resources

Mankind is gradually finding new ways to generate energy and the synthesis of a variety of materials.But still a vital role in the industry plays mining.Oil, gas, ore - all these resources ever run out, and there will come a real productive collapse.

Global Warming Pollution is also a global problem, becauseIt leads to compaction of Atmospheric various harmful gases.This results in a greenhouse effect and global temperature rises gradually.Ultimately this will lead not only to climate change, but also the new world deluge - if glaciers melt at the poles.

fatal diseases

not only HIV and AIDS are causing concern among physicians.In recent years become a real scourge of cardiovascular disease - nearly half of the people in Russia die from them - as well as cancer.Science tries to find a cure for these diseases, but it is absolute success in not reached.

Demographic problems

on the planet there is a significant preponderance of the population in Asian countries.Until the introduction of a limit on the birth of children.Territory for housing becomes scarce, depleting resources.Recently, talk about the future Chinese expansion - China is growing rapidly, the country is closely linked to the global economy in the foreseeable future can begin to dictate their terms.At the same time in the west - a demographic crisis.The population is aging, children born small.In Western countries, a lot of people migrating from Africa, Asia, and the atmosphere is heating up in the society.


Africans continue to starve, while in developed countries, by contrast, there is no shortage of food and there is an overproduction of goods.It is a big gap between rich and poor, including within the states, gives rise to conflicts that could lead to war.

People are already doing a long time trying to solve these and other global problems.Create a variety of community organizations who are trying to settle international relations.For example, the Club of Rome voiced annual reports on their studies of socio-economic development of society, human impact on nature.States sign documents about the world, preserving the environment.Annually awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.However, not all countries adhere to a common policy on these issues, which greatly complicates the solution of global problems.