Listen carefully to weather reports in your area, especially in summer.Forecasters necessarily be informed of the impending storm and / or squally winds, which are the forerunners of a tornado or satellites .
If you have a private house, continuously monitor the state of residential buildings and outbuildings.Particular attention to the roofs of the buildings.Secure the cellar with concrete blocks, but so that, in the event of a collapse or moving home does not become trapped.
If you live in an apartment, check the window frames and door frames, in the event of inability to escape from tornado in the basement (for example, because o
f the lack of it in many modern homes) to be in the roomin relative safety.Free loggias and balconies of things and especially explosive objects (eg petrol or liquefied gas cylinders).
If the radio reported the impending storm and the possibility of a tornado , close all doors and windows and lie down on the floor, under the bed or under the cabinet, if you can not go down to the cellar or basement.Do not forget to disconnect the electric grids and gas block.
If a tornado overtake you on the street, immediately run to a nearby room and take cover there.Avoid light buildings, power lines, bridges.Try not to take refuge in the vicinity of parks, rivers and lakes.Use for protection against flying shards of glass, tree branches and pieces of cardboard or plastic boxes, sheets of plywood, etc.You unspeakably lucky, if at that time you will be just a few steps from the subway.
If you spot a tornado in a car, immediately get out of it and take cover in a building or basement, or if you are in the countryside, in the hollows, ditches and narrow ravines.Do not approach the ponds and trees, the head during movement at least cover your clothes.