you need
  • ax, bucket, shovel, plastic bags, water, earth, tree branches, dense fabric.
go on vacation in the woods, do not dilute the fires in peatlands, in areas of damaged forest at logging sites are not cleaned from the remnants of felling and wood harvested, under trees.Next to the warehouses of peat, wood near the ripened crops.
Spread the fire in the place cleaned up the mineral soil.Shovel dig a small depression in which to stack fuel.Tear off the grass around the campfire in a radius of 1.5 meters.The recess can be done removing the turf is not damaged fertile soil.Leaving home to pour fire ground or fill with water until the complete disappearance of corruption.
Being in the woods, do
not leave gasoline or oil-soaked materials, they may become self-igniting in hot weather.Glass objects are able to focus the sun's rays, which could cause a fire.
incinerator use area cleared of forest residues, fallen trees and combustible materials within a radius of 25-30 meters, and bordered mineralized strips of a width not less than 1.5 meters each.In the coniferous forest on dry soils strips should not be less than 2.5 meters.
Do not fill the fuel tanks of vehicles with the engine, near the trees.Do not use the machine with a broken power supply system of the engine, do not smoke near the machine filled with fuel, do not use open flames.
Caught near the source of fire, warn all who are near people.Fill the fire with water from the river located near, pour the ground.Use extinguishing wet clothes, thick cloth, branches of deciduous trees.Trample underfoot a small fire, preventing it spread to the trees.
Notify the place of fire, as well as its possible causes, in the forest or the fire department.