you need
  • - phone.
first assess the situation.If you have witnessed a group of armed men seized the hostages , how would you not want to be a hero, do not go to the terrorists in close combat, even if you master the sport of martial arts.Better to quietly go away for a corner (of the column become, exit from the room, if possible), and call the police, the release of the hostages - it is their duty.On the phone, try as detailed as possible to describe the situation: how many terrorists than they are armed, how many people they have taken hostage as they spread out around the room, some shouting demands.The earlier security services will work on this situat
ion, the greater the chance of success.
After making phone calls in any case it is not necessary to inform the terrorists that you called the police, and demand release of all, as to predict their behavior in such a situation would be extremely difficult.His call you is already provided invaluable assistance in the liberation of hostages .
If you were among the hostages , do not panic.Captured terrorists living people are needed, as in the case of your death, they will not remain subjects for bargaining.
not ask terrorists lot of questions about your future fate, and do not provoke them.But the request is reasonable voice.For example, you can ask the water permits to reduce children to the toilet, the necessary medicines if someone from hostages became ill.Explain your actions invaders.If you have numb feet, prevention is better right that you want to get up to stretch their legs.You can also free some hostages - offer to let sick people, women, children, the wounded, bringing compelling argument for the correctness of this action invaders.
Try to remember all the details of what is happening.Nothing to talk about terrorists, how many people you saw.After your release this information useful intelligence agencies investigating the attack.
most important thing - if you were taken hostage, do not attempt to free yourself, because of your actions may be affected all the captured people.Do not try to "put pressure on the pity", threaten, attempt to knock out of the hands of terrorist weapons.
If you still want to free a group of hostages yourself, go to work in law-enforcement bodies.After a long preparation you can get a position in the security services, who are engaged in the operation to release the hostages .