Tip 1: How to disarm the offender

in our troubled century the problem of protection from intruders has become the most important.And, as they say, is not in vain.The danger may be waiting in any lane.Even in a crowded and busy place the offender may decide to illegal actions against you.And in such a situation should be able to stand up for themselves.It is important not to get lost, to pull himself together and get going on under their control.How to neutralize the attacker?
in self-defense, the first thing you should do - is to try to avoid a collision.And the best part - it prevent the occurrence of a dangerous situation.Choose not the shortest way, and the safest.When danger shout, try to escape, and if physical health allows you to try to escape.Remember that the usual appeals for help will not help.Most people react only to cry "Fire!".After all, people are primarily concerned about their safety.
If you are unable to avoid the perpetrator is not lost.Act decisively.You can in some succumb to the enemy, to
lull his vigilance and to strike at the weak spot.Try to enter a gunman confused, so he could not respond quickly and answer.For security, you can use any object in your bag or pocket: your phone, keys, a comb, a can of hairspray.Also amiss stones, sticks, a handful of sand and earth.
One thing is clear, to be able to stand up for themselves, you have to train and master a few self-defense techniques.Knowing even the basic techniques honed to a level of automatism, in case of danger you can protect your life.It is also useful to remember vulnerabilities.Strikes in self-defense is generally applied to these points.Consider a few weak points, working on that, you can come out a winner.In the body these include the crotch, the solar plexus, ribs, heart, liver, armpits, kidneys and coccyx.Very effective direct hit in the shin, his throat.The blow to the knee causes severe pain and leads to immobilization of the joint.In the melee effective are knee strike.
To protect it would be nice to have tools such as pepper spray, stun gun, traumatic weapons.With their help you can quickly neutralize criminal and save themselves.

Tip 2: How to neutralize terrorist

Often, correct and quick action of ordinary citizens to help neutralize the terrorists.Though identify these dangerous criminals in the crowd is not easy, some people recognize them and promptly notify the police of the danger.Only law enforcement agencies are able to competently carry out the arrest and not to harm civilians.
How to neutralize terrorist

Identify terrorists is very difficult, because they are to a certain time, trying to be invisible in the crowd.Still, they have distinctive features, which can be distinguished from civilians.One of the most striking features of these criminals - arms or wires, which are hidden in the folds of clothing.

Neutralize terrorists easiest before he began to threaten the lives of people.Therefore, if you guessed that next to you is a suicide, it is necessary to try to prevent crime.But in any case it is impossible to try to dissuade criminals, trying to threaten him or to strike.Once in the unexpected situation, suicide, most likely, will try as soon as possible to begin the implementation of its plan.Especially dangerous is the situation, if in front of you with the bomber wearing a suicide belt.If he understands that you threaten him or fulfill his plan, he said without hesitation, would trigger the explosives.

If you think you have time to bring the enemy out of action until he presses the right button, then you are wrong.Very often, the terrorists have accomplices, who, incidentally, can be remote control of explosives.And if an accomplice understand that suicide is neutralized, he must try to complete your mission.

So, if you are sure that next to you people is a terrorist, try to consider it.Remember all of the major signs.Then stand back at a great distance, and as soon as possible contact with law enforcement officers.Describe in detail the terrorist.If there is, the police, you can contact them directly.

When the police warned, try not to make it clear to terrorists that you figured out his plans.Tell the people who are close to you that they are at risk.The fewer people who will be around the offender, the less likely that it will be decided to carry out their plans.Try to prevent the largest possible number of people as long as the place does not arrive at the law enforcement officers.The only way you can really neutralize terrorist.If you begin to show heroism, can suffer no innocent people.So be careful and careful not to make mistakes that can cost the lives of several hundred people.