Hiroshima is located in the western part of one of the largest of the Japanese islands - Honshu.This city was not chosen by chance.First, he had military importance.Here it was located the headquarters of the 2nd Army, which was responsible for the defense of all of southern Japan.In addition, Hiroshima was a communication center and a transit point of the Japanese troops.Second, most of the population lived in the densely built city center, and the construction of most houses have been easy.This suggests that Hiroshima was easy prey for the fire.

final decision to bomb was made in July 1945, while the cruiser "Indianapolis" delivered "kid" on Tinian - one of the island
s of Mariana Archipelago in the Pacific Ocean.It gives instructions and training of the crew, and in early August everything was ready for operation.Americans waited for favorable weather.

morning of August 6 carrier aircraft B-29 "Enola Gay" with the atomic bomb on board took off.Ahead of him flew three reconnaissance weather, followed at some distance aircraft with equipment that was supposed to record the parameters of the explosion, and another bomber, whose purpose was to photograph the consequences.

missile defense system Japan zapelengovala American bombers.But the air-raid alarm was canceled, as the operator of the radar determined that the number of aircraft flying up very little.People continued to go about their business, nobody went down to the shelter.Japanese fighter planes and anti-aircraft artillery also had to counter the enemy.

nuclear explosion

reaching the city center, the bomber threw a small parachute and aircraft quickly flew away.All the watches found in the ruins of the city and then stopped at around 8:00 for 15 minutes.It was at this time, "Little Boy" exploded with a deafening roar at an altitude of about 576 km, leaving behind destroyed houses and widespread fires that covered the city a huge cloud of dust and smoke.

The bomb was 20 thous. Tons of TNT.It was enough to destroy in an instant 60% of the city.Buildings and facilities located within a radius of 2 km from the epicenter, were completely destroyed within a radius of 12 km - more or less destroyed partially.People died and received burns within 9 km.The temperature of the atomic bomb reached 4000ºS.All living things released to the epicenter of the explosion just turned into steam.On all sides the fire immediately spread waves and radiation, creating a flow of air overpressure, which left itself only after the coals and ashes.

to this day do not cease the controversy surrounding this terrible tragedy that claimed the lives of hundreds of thousands of people.In 2007, Japan's Defense Minister Fumio Kyuma resigned after a wave of indignation, stirred up the public.He said the bomb was necessary to end the war and to prevent the Soviet Union to enter the territory of Japan, and because it does not hold a grudge against the Americans.