Fill notification form, using a pen, not a pencil.When writing more presses pen to paper, so that a copy of the notice reads well.Note that the front of the notification you need to fill in, together with a second party to a traffic accident.Thus both the driver must sign both copies of the notice.If the participants of the accident are strong differences in the assessment of the incident, it may be an option, in which each driver will fill its own set of forms (original and copy).
Describe in detail the number, color and make of car-accident participant, if the driver refuses to be notice with you.About disagreement with the second party to enter i
n "Notes".Also in the form shall describe the details of the accident: a scene diagram, layout of machines at the time of the accident, road marking line, the location of the nearest road signs, the trajectory of the introduction and spread of the wreckage area or vehicle parts.
Record data witness an accident, if any.If not, make a mark in the appropriate box.If possible, reassure notice at that traffic police who will come to the scene of the accident, asked him to write the surname and patronymic name, position and contact details.Remember that without a report issued by the traffic police, notice will not have legal force.
detail specify all received damage to your vehicle.Remember that they must also fix the traffic police.Paragraph number 13 indicate the point of impact of your vehicle.Make sure what kind of damage, a second driver, and whether they match with the real.If the second party to the accident does not agree with your description, make this mark in the column "Notes".
Specify the series and number of his insurance policy and the name of the insurance company, as well as details of the second participant accident.Finally disconnect notification forms, fill in the opposite direction.If space on the form is insufficient, append the remaining data on a blank sheet of paper, making a note on the form of the application.