Note from what number to call you.If it is hidden or unknown to you, chances are that you want to separate increasing.Sometimes crooks pretend to relatives or friends.They even skillfully mimic the voice of your friends and their manner of speaking.Remember that impostors will go to great lengths to make their plans come true.So you should be wary if a loved one calls from unknown numbers.Take the time to call him back.
Fraudsters expect to catch you off guard.Therefore, they are able to call late in the evening or even at night.In the confusion, you can lose vigilance and allow themselves to be deceived.In addition, the dark adds extra drama of the situation.Twister can even pretend to be a police officer.It is worth noting some good acting skills scam, because they speak confidently, easily guided th
e course of the conversation.
You should be alerted if the phone you are asked to bring a certain amount of money to an unknown place or transfer funds to a bank account.The money allegedly needed to resolve the conflict with the police, for example.There are cases when the required amount of money there, and scammers agree to a smaller sum.Agree, it is also very suspicious.
main weapon of scams - surprise.Therefore, they try not to give the victim time to recover, are constantly talking, dumped more and more details of the troubles that supposedly happened to a loved one a potential payer.If you are in a similar situation, watch for logicality narrative.Try to calm down and ask clarifying questions.You may be able to disperse their malicious deception common sense.
When the scammer pretends to be your friend or relative, ask him a couple of test questions, the answers to which only knows the familiar you people.The probability that you will get to the core so that fraud is very high.If there is a secret, which only dedicated to you and your friend, ask about your shared secret.Surely fraudster puzzled or try to divert the conversation away.This will be the signal for you.You can hang up the phone.
Be careful when receiving messages from unknown numbers.Typically, con artists are asked to update your account mobile, again pretending to be a friend, who has a new phone number, or a reference to the erroneously sent money to the wrong number.The scheme is quite trite, but some people, especially the elderly, still come across it.If the account of your mobile received no money, neither of which refund we can not speak.Do not call back on an unfamiliar number, and do not send him a message.Because of these actions from your account fraudsters can withdraw a certain amount of money.