Many skeptics do not believe in the signs of destiny, national signs and ironically are all kinds of superstitions.However, those who by luck escaped the tragic events, formed a different opinion.Once on the verge of an irreparable misfortune, some time to make a decision to cancel a scheduled meeting or a trip, for a whole day pursued a bad feeling.Someone late for your flight, and then learns that the plane crashed.People who live in harmony with the environment, nature and yourself usually pay attention to unusual circumstances and are able to recognize in them a special warning sign.This can be insistent voice of intuition, sudden obstacles or, on the contrary, a "green light."Signs of fate may warn or call for action.


many pay attention when
"the day was a success," early in the morning, and as the events begin to spiral shape is getting worse and worse.First, something forgotten at home and had to go back on the road because of a row and a trifle late for work, and there is already started ... As a rule, nothing good in a day and not wait for a better opportunity to change plans.A series of unpleasant events and recurring situations can warn of suspicious transactions and dangerous journeys.First, the car would not start for a long time, after 5 km flat tire, and the tire next to the cemetery ... It is better to cancel the trip, because it happens every day.Signs attention is drawn to a series of unpleasant events, or breakdown of a very important event.Subsequently, however, all of this can be for the better.

Random phrases and labels

When one scrolls continuously in the head reflects a problem or what to choose, he may be surprised to hear for themselves the occasional passers-talk, which contains a ready answer.Advertising label can summon "We are waiting for you!", And you have a few days wondering whether to go for an interview.As a rule, no one specifically does not listen to other people's conversations, but quite unexpectedly in the crowd can be heard loud Council defiantly sit at home at the weekend.And meanwhile you decide whether to go on nature with a tent or stay home and watch a movie.In the end, the rain poured all day Saturday and Sunday were puddles on the knee.What would have happened overnight in nature?


Particular attention should be paid to your inner voice.All people differently developed intuition, but in fact it is the best individual counselor.When the soul is singing, and spoiling for a fight, all the circumstances are "like clockwork."If doubts and pursue inexplicable feeling of discomfort, it is better to abandon the plans.

Any event can be viewed as signs in those situations where the scheduled an important meeting or important event.If once tripped, it does not mean that the urgent need to return home.Learn to see the relationship of the world with your reality, especially pay attention to what is happening around the important moments of your life.