Tip 1: How to calculate the fraudster

«Oh, do not deceive me hard!I delude myself happy! "- Cried once great classic.But the people who are victims of a rogue , that does not help.They quite sincerely puzzled: "How could I be so gullible?".Bran present time, the decline of morals, the government.Damn evil fate and almost immediately with some maniacal persistence fall for the bait next Ostap Bender.Giving him a last time the money laid up for a "rainy day."So how can you not be in this situation?How timely calculate fraudster ?
Remember that any fraudster - a subtle psychologist.He correctly recognizes "weak points" of the potential victim.He knows how to "roll up" to the gullible lonely pensioner, how to attract the attention of the naive young couple how to make a best friend and ingratiate himself with some "misunderstood genius" with excessive aplomb.And for that, he first of all need any information about it.Therefore, if a casual acquaintance tries to "roll out" you to a frank conversation, learn about you as much a
s possible - it is an occasion guard and carefully evaluate your opponent.Ask yourself a simple question: "Why is all he needs?" And hold the temptation to say, "That's because I'm so smart, interesting and talented!", "That's because I have such a beautiful and prominent!" Here vigilancenot exactly hurt.
If you offer (of course, in the most favorable conditions and exclusive!) Some sort of monetary transaction or participating in "financial pyramid" - think not three, and thirty-three times!Especially if this promise "golden mountains" and the money bags.It is almost certain - present fraud.Remember the wise old rule: only free cheese is only in a mousetrap.And in any case, do not be afraid to offend their refusal "a good man!"If he is really good - will understand everything correctly and not be offended.If a crook - it serves him right.
Often remember sensational story "MMM", "Hoper-Invest", "Tibet" and other companies that gullible citizens entrusted their considerable savings.This will help you to protect yourself from the bitter disappointment when on the threshold of your apartment will be the next "nightingale-voiced" that promises a fabulously lucrative profit.

Tip 2: How to calculate SMS scams

Fraudsters are already using mobile communications as the possibility of fraud and taking money, which is known to all subscribers, but they all remain vigilant.Especially that new ways of fraud invented almost daily.To take away your money, deceivers use SMS messages to help with your account debited bank.
How to calculate SMS scams
The easiest way to calculate SMS fraud - is an unfamiliar number from which the message was sent.As a rule, people familiar to you, buying a new SIM card in an automatic sending notify those whose numbers appear in their phone book to change the mobile phone number.In the worst case, sending a message with the new phone number, they will sign your name.Nothing like cheaters do not.Therefore, any SMS messages sent from an unknown number, should be treated with suspicion.Especially if you are on at the same time you want to make some kind of action: to open a media file is sent, call or send a message to a short number, the subscriber to transfer money, supposedly to your friend, who got into trouble.

very likely to fall for tricks fraudsters holidays.They send cards to show that you want to install the application on your phone.This program is a trojan usual, thanks to which your account is regularly starting to write off the money.In some cases, fraudsters manage to hack accounts on social networks and send SMS messages on behalf of your friends, in which there are links to sites supposedly interesting mobile applications.Of course, by clicking on this link, you get the virus software, by which your score is reset in a few minutes.Before we move on such links, contact your friends and ask if he really sent you this text message.

With regard to proposals to send an SMS to a short number, before you do it, no harm will ask the internet, whether it's not crooks.MTS is a special service, you can send the proposed short number message "?" To get information about the service, owner, phone technical support and the amount that will be charged to you."MegaFon", using the USSD-command "* 432 #", can also be free to find out what the cost of posts on this short number.For subscribers of "Tele2" acts such service team "* 125 #".

carefully and critically refers to any information destination where you do not know.Pay attention to any discrepancy with the traditionally used numbers.For example, the online newsletter "Savings Bank" is carried out with the number "900".Recently, scammers began sending messages to customers of the bank with a request to provide details of bank cards with the numbers "SB900" and "9OO" (two lowercase o).