Tip 1: How to protect yourself from the dangers of water transport

water was and remains hostile to the human element.Are you floating on inflatable ring or on a huge liner, you always dangerous.Modern ships resemble huge city on the water, but this does not become more reliable.To avoid accidents on the water, you must comply with all rules of behavior on the water transport .
you need
  • - a life jacket;
  • - seasickness pills and other medications.
When you are going on a trip on the water, do not forget to take a tablet from seasickness.If you have any chronic diseases such as asthma or diabetes, supply of drugs in case the disease worsened.
Carefully inspect the ship, look and remember that which is.You need to know exactly where the lifeboats and jackets and the way to remember him.Find the shortest path from your cabins and other public places to the upper deck to smoke if you could quickly and without the hassle getting there.
read the instructions for lifejackets.In case of emergency to deal in all of this will not have ti
me.Learn how to put on and zip up jacket.Instructions on how to behave safely on the ship.Do not break the rules described therein.
Sometimes small emergency develops into a tragedy, and then the captain of the ship to rescue the passengers decided to begin evacuation.As you know, this only prevents a panic, so stay calm and follow the instructions.Women and children will get into the lifeboats first.Since you are allowed to take documents and money, blankets, matches, medicines and food.
If the lifeboats are already filled with victims, it is necessary to jump right into the water.Do not forget to wear this vest.Push your chin to your chest with one hand, close the mouth and nose, and the other hold the vest.In life jackets are light bulbs, whistle and signal mirror, so you can give the signals passing vessel.

Tip 2: How to protect yourself from the dangers of water and water transport

Perhaps the most romantic journey in some way connected with the water.It gives travel a certain mood: rhythm, the ability to relax in the journey.But water can also cause tragedies.To avoid problem situations and to protect themselves from the dangers on water and water transport to the extent that it depends on you, it is possible.
How to protect yourself from the dangers of water and water transport
traveling waterway clearly to refer to the presence on board, as well as a good look at the means of escape in the event of a problem situation (as they say, before entering somewhere,first clearly find out how to get out from there).If, while on board, you can not find the instructions, do not hesitate to ask for it from staff.
Check lifejackets.In their absence, be sure to tell your support staff and ask for a missing vests before the departure of the vessel from the shore.
Remember that even if you have an emergency while traveling by water transport, maintain composure.Try to reassure themselves and do not panic.Clearly meet the requirements of regulations, which defines the action in similar situations or listen to guidance personnel conducting evacuation measures.In any case, stay calm.
sure before departure that your ship has a lifeline.In the event of a man overboard a circle is a must.
Observe the rules of stay on the beach and in the water during the holidays.So, in any case, do not swim for the buoys and do not approach the vessel which is on the move (including the boats, water scooters and similar orugomu Transport).
Enter the water slowly, slowly, step by step, feeling the bottom.This is especially true lovers relax on wild beaches, where, as a rule, the bottom has not been investigated and there is no lifeguard.
not swim ever in a state of fatigue after a long exposure to the sun, and immediately after a meal.Do not go into the water drunk.Remember that the above condition can trigger human tragedy.
Jump into the water only in a designated place for jumping.Also be sure to ask for help from the instructor in diving, if you are not confident in their abilities.
Make it a rule not to leave children unattended on the beach for a minute, because with unaccompanied kid misfortune may occur.
not overestimate its capabilities, treat them critically, if you are not sure that will be able to steer the boat, it is better not to ride on it.But if you do decide to organize a trip by boat, do so only in good, windless weather.In no case do not overload the boat people or things, not sit in a boat while intoxicated.
need emerges with his eyes open, to avoid the ship.If you are in the water, you can not be near the ship, so that the flow of water is not sucked you deeper.Be sure to put the vest, even if you know how to swim well, because you can hit the water and lose consciousness, or seizures will bring the leg.
Helpful Hint
on life jackets are light bulbs, whistle and signal mirror, so you can give the signals passing vessel.