common types of toll fraud

You should remember once and for all that a call from your telephone operator will never be anonymous on the screen in this case should be highlighted well-known short number or a name: "Tele2", "MTS"and so forth. So when you receive a call from unknown numbers appearing your service and offering a bonus discount connect to the Internet or cable television, sent as a confirmation of the consent of the SMS to the short number, be prepared for the fact that with the mobile phone account will be charged a large sum.Naturally, no s
ervices will not be connected.

Do not ever call the phone number of your credit card, and especially its pin, even when you call the bank and allegedly with the message that due to a technical error your card has been blocked.Some gullible citizens still manage to go to the nearest ATM and follow the instructions of "bank employee" to send the same "locked" card money in an unknown direction. If you phone call allegedly on behalf of a friend with a monetary request, not too lazy to call him before transfer any amount, even a little.

A common scam - send SMS supposedly from one another in a deliberate tone of familiarity, such as: "Hello, throw money on the room - my blocked, tomorrow I will give."And many, oddly enough, a complete stranger on the list number of money in the mistaken belief that some loved one got into trouble and just forgot to sign your name in the message. When you time to recognize fraud and do not become a victim yourself, call the operator of the number from which an attempt was made to deceive you, that he has taken action.

Phone and Internet

Very often on the Internet you may be prompted to enter your phone number, ostensibly to confirm that you are a real person actually ordering a particular service which is marketed as free.Doing this is not necessary, because by doing so your room is connected to any other expensive services, resulting from your room each day begins charged a tidy sum.As long as you pay attention, that the money in the account ran out quickly, it may take some time, and the total damage would be significant.

To avoid becoming a victim of scams, do not specify a number of sites, offering paid services not previously acquainted with the applicable tariffs on them.Typically, a reference to their stated somewhere in the corner of the small print, and passing through it, you'll be unpleasantly surprised cost of conventional SMS, you are asked to send to the short number listed on the site.The usual fare, it may exceed several hundred times.