Unlike most states, elections in Papua New Guinea has never held the same day - this is due to the fact that almost 4.6 million voters live in the six hundred islands.The urban population in the country is less than 20%, and many rural polling stations are located in the highlands islands, which have to get helicopters.Therefore, the election 109 members of the National Parliament in the country of Papuans and Melanesians always an easy process and not a quick.And this year they are even more slowed down for reasons like natural character (in some provinces there was a flood), and beca
use of attempts to interfere in the expression of will on the part of some of the nearly 3,500 candidates.

And in several areas of the province Madang the largest island of the country voting process was stopped due to the fact that voters were afraid to go out for fear of sectarian attacks cannibals.Police arrested 29 people accused of the murder of seven locals.All those arrested - members of the sect, starting out with a fight with all sorts of sorcerers, cheat sick people.But then the fighters for justice to believe in their own special ability to detect sorcerers among ordinary people, and set a goal to destroy them all.And to strengthen the abilities of the new sect of the steel pieces to eat the bodies of victims.According to information published in the press all this local community of cannibals has about five hundred people and is headed by one of the elder community.Chapter cannibals police have not yet arrested, but among the detainees there are 13-year-old.Twelve arrested will be charged with premeditated murder and cannibalism all suspected members of the sect.