If you have noticed the acrid smell of burning, immediately set its source.In the case of spontaneous combustion appliance immediately unplug it.If the cause of the fire - a short circuit, turn off the electricity in the entire apartment.Only then proceed to extinguish.If there is a fire with electricity is not connected (for example, has fallen from the upper floors of the burning cigarette butt led to a wooden floor on the balcony), use a fire extinguisher or plain water.
much more difficult to solve the problem if the fire in a short time to reach a large part of the premises.Try to pick up the documents as quickly as possible and leave the apartment.Be sure to call the fire or ask others to do so.
If you fire blocked the way out,
and you were locked in a burning room, try to get to the balcony.Remember that fire without oxygen can not burn.And you breathless and opening windows, enhances air flow and the fire flared up.Therefore, the best option for you - go to the balcony and shut the windows and doors leading to the room where the fire is raging.
Try to attract as much attention to shout "fire".But do not cry too much, or can disrupt voice, and at the critical moment of your hoarse whisper just do not hear it.
If the fire affected only your apartment, you can escape by climbing onto the balcony of the ground floor.To do this, use the sheets drying on the balcony or the laid carpet.Improvised means, attach the fabric to the surface of a solid and go to the neighbors (making sure that the windows are open on their balcony).
If there was not a fire in your apartment, but heavy smoke prevents you navigate staircase on fire and you can not get out of a burning house, first of all, protect the airway.Take a cloth bandage and drench it with water.Moisten with water your clothes.Even if the flame does not get to your home, you risk to get poisoned by carbon monoxide.
trying to leave the house, do not use the elevator.If your house has a fire escape, try to go down on her.In the absence of such, go down the stairs to normal as low as possible (2-3 floor).In this case, you have a better chance of surviving a fire.
Firstly, you can help people gathered, stretched impromptu "trampoline" from his hand caught under a piece of canvas or other fabric.In most of these situations when jumping man gets only minor injuries.
Second, if the threat to life is critical, you can jump out of the burning house.Injuries can be severe, but with high probability can predict that you'll stay alive.