most common cause of death of the trees - it is forest fires.You probably have not seen advertising that encourages not to inflame the forest fires.It appears in May and broadcast until the autumn.And yet, every weekend friends, tired of the stressful working days, rush out of town.Often take with BBQ and alcohol, but the shovel to dig around the fireplace, brings not everyone.As a result of the fire at the tipsy company goes out of control, and well, when would-be tourists manage to get-away from the fire.
times to arrange a fire in the forest, not necessarily even a fire Nezatushennaya cigarette can deliver no less trouble than a fire.
However, fires - it's not just
a man's hand.In hot weather, a fire can occur by itself.Worst of all, when the burning peat.Underground fire can extend for kilometers, destroying everything in its path.The difficulty lies in the fact that burning peat difficult to extinguish, so the forest is a disaster.
easy to destroy the forest, breaking the fragile ecosystem.Often during deforestation removes all the old trees, and the young are left untouched.This is done, of course, for a few years, the forest has recovered - young trees grew, they spread the crown, and the new forest appeared in all its glory.In fact, it turns out that in old trees live birds that feed on insects.If they cut down the trees, the birds will fly away to a new location, and will fall on the young colony bark beetles and other pests that can feast on young trees with impunity.
Climate Change, which worries scientists around the world, not only leads to the melting of glaciers, but also unexpectedly increasing parasite populations, which, because of the warm summer time to give, for example, not three, but five populations.So in 2011 the Moscow region forests threatened by bark beetle, whose population because of warming has increased significantly.