to stop forest fires in Siberia, should be actively engaged in their prevention.With the onset of drought represent a danger not only to outstanding tourists left a cigarette or fire, and broken bottles thrown on the dry grass.They focus the sun's rays, causing the grass begins to smolder and ignites.
more dangerous are natural causes on which there is a fire and uncontrolled spread of fire in the huge territory.For example, a thunderstorm, which marks the beginning of a zipper, can carry thousands of hectares of forest.Stop natural disasters can not be, they are every year there are fires, but their share is relatively small.Basically forest in Siberia killed at the hands of man.
The most alarming situation is observed annually in the Altai Territory.Klyuchevskoy, Kulundinsky, Aleysky area are in an area of ​​high fire danger.The drought is accompanied by the fifth highest class of combustion.Wildfires are a threat to man-made disasters.At risk is the Republic of Kazakhstan, which borders Kulundinsky District.
aimed at extinguishing all the forces MOE.The best-known way to deal with the elements - the use of cord with an explosive charge.At first, rescuers suspended in the forest canopy reflective screen, then produce an explosion in front of the edge of a forest fire.
Equally popular way to stop forest fires in Siberia - the traditional use of aircraft.In the area of ​​fire extinguishing compositions dumped tons.Aviation equipment ASP-500 suppresses the fire storm and helps prevent accidents and man-made disasters.
completely extinguish the fire makes the very nature.Heavy rains help prevent the spread of fire and completely poured glowing hearths.Dry summer followed by fires in Siberia, which are substantially attenuated.