If your neighbors regularly organize night parties, loud, preventing you rest easy, you can contact the police by calling 02. In this case, the violators of the public peace coming district.This violation does not involve the presence of witnesses.However, much to punish neighbors too noisy behavior is not in your power, they get off the remark, or an administrative fine.
What apartment without repair!Repair - it is a normal phenomenon.But some neighbors repair just endless.This is particularly inconvenient for you, if you hear loud sounds of repair of apartments neighbors at the wrong time - at night or on weekends.By law, repairs, particularly noisy, you can do only on weekdays from 8 am to 8 pm.Over the weekend, pounding, drilling and breaking prohibited.In this case, you can also contact the police.
In the event of any flood, call the experts from your house management, which should confirm the fact of flooding and draw up a report on the incident.Understand the reason why there was a flood: Is there wine neighbors or the cause of the flood - decrepit communications.To estimate the cost of the damage, you should call an independent appraiser who is licensed to its work.After that the perpetrators of the flood are obliged to reimburse you the full value of the damage.If they voluntarily do not, your right to go to court with the conclusion of the evaluation committee.
There are people who are in a city apartment trying to breed a huge number of dogs and cats, regardless of discontent neighbors about the noise and smell.If the number of animals in the apartment too, you have every right to apply to the authorities Sanitary and Epidemiological Surveillance for help.