First and foremost, while in the subway, should always remember that it is - a place of high risk, and is necessary to behave exactly according to this.
Do not come to the very edge of the platform!Even if your vestibular system in normal and the head is not spinning, there is a danger of head of the crowd behind.
not be put out to look into the tunnel!Train this will not come, and you are putting your life in serious danger.Particularly threatening is train rear-view mirror, which acts as a considerable distance - several cases of death or injury to persons, this mirror is downed.
If the platform were a lot of people, and the train pulled crowded, do not
try to climb it, better wait for the next!Experience shows that with some regularity come less congested trains, for example, from the depot, and they can enter almost without problems.
Once on the train, squeezed on all sides by other passengers, stay calm, do not push!Do not assume that someone relies on you or pushes specifically to do stuff.No!In the metro are all equal, all are in the same position and all as well as you close and stuffy.So the best thing you can do is to take a comfortable position as possible and easy to go to his stop.
Strongly recommended to set aside a hand or elbow: the crowd can suddenly swing or jerk somewhere, and squeezed the hand would be at risk of dislocation or fracture.Therefore, keep the arms close to your body!
If you have a bag, and in it the money, documents or other valuables, be sure to keep it in front of him;Remove the bag and place it between the legs.Do not put valuables in your back pocket or in the external pockets.Thefts occur regularly at the flea market!
Remove headphones!It's better if you can hear what's going on around you, and to monitor the situation (see para. №1).
No matter how hard you should always be a man and to behave respectfully towards others.