Let's see where and when a passer - a tasty prey for punks.Obviously, it's dark alleys and deserted yards, poorly lit and littered.Most robberies committed late at night, sometimes early night - in the morning, too, bullies need to sleep.After all, who the robbers?Often, the same vocational school students, whose mother, as they say, "waves its pot" - and go home.So be very careful in unfamiliar yards evening (better to just never come) in uninhabited areas and low-light, in the days poluchek or football matches.Do not approach the edge of unlit streets and alleys - there is in the children's horror story may lean arm and drag.If you are traveling in an unfamiliar city, build your route so that it ran pas
t the police, fire brigade, the wide and lit streets.Be careful and collected - uneven gait, look "a" - a signal to local marginalized: the victim in front of them.Inattention can rob a passer chance to escape.
But local punks came close, and the conversation can not be avoided.It is not necessary to respond directly to their needs and issues;responses must be uncertain.For example: "You Th standing here?"- I'm standing here. "It is necessary to determine the leader, with high probability is the one who started the conversation. In no case can not be bullies give surround yourself and go for a spin.
If robbers knife will have to paywhat they need. There is no options - to resist the knife is difficult even trained athletes. If they are unarmed, tighten conversation empty phrases, like and do not argue, but staying on his:
- Give clock - time to look!
- I do not.
-I saw - were five minutes ago. What have you got in your pocket?
- there are none.
- Give tested and found.
- In his pocket they are not. You will find - let me, I'll be glad I have themAfter all, no.
Perhaps the aggressors will be restrained themselves because they have to blame something passer to justify their actions and at the same time inflame themselves. If they do not lag behind, rather unexpectedly to attack the leader of the most effective way - for example, swipe in the groinand run with all his might, crying out, "Help!Fire! ". But in order to run, you have to be sure that it is possible to break away from persecution and had enough stamina.