Technical fire regulations describes the general principles of fire safety, establishes a system of classification and terminology.In addition, it defined and specific rules for the design, construction and operation of settlements, urban districts, buildings, structures, and requirements for production facilities, equipment and products for general use.
The document explained concepts such as emergency exits, safety zone, explosion, explosive mixture, explosive object protection, combustible environment tolerable risk, the source of ignition, class structural fire danger, required the evacuation of the objectprotection etc.etc.- A total of 50 terms.The exact termino
logy allows to eliminate any ambiguity in the interpretation of the document lines.
Articles regulation establishes the legal basis of technical regulation in the field of fire safety rules for its software for a variety of buildings.Given the classification of fires and fire hazards of substances and materials, technological environments, flammable and hazardous areas, etc.
describes the document gives a classification of construction according to the fire hazard, establishes a classification of barriers that prevent the spread of fire, fire-technical classification of ladders and staircases, equipment and tools for extinguishing fires, fire automation, personal protective equipment andthe salvation of men.
The regulations specifically describes how the rules should be observed fire safety during the construction and operation of buildings.Examined topics such as the placement of objects on the territory of pozharovzryvoopasnyh settlements and urban districts;walkways, driveways and entrances to buildings and structures;firefighting water settlements and urban districts;requirements for distances between buildings and structures, etc.
carefully read the document under consideration, we can see that it covers almost all possible nuances of fire safety.This means that the regulations can be found in the answer to any question related to this subject.