not take the money borrowed from private individuals.Victims of human trafficking can be got into debt bondage.Most often, a man offered such conditions for the return of the loan that it can not pay, and forced to work for the lender is free.The debt continues to grow at the same time and can be inherited by relatives of the victim.
are going to find a job abroad, find out whether the company, which helps you find a job, a license.Explore the contract that you sign.It should be mentioned working and living conditions, wages, health insurance.Che
ck what you apply for the visa.Some companies draw up a tourist visa under the pretext of its cheapness.However, work in another country is possible only with a working visa.Naturally, without a license, improper visa and poorly executed contract does not mean that you are going to be sold into slavery.However, there are other problems that can be avoided.
artifices employees seeking in any way to send you abroad, should alert you.For example, you offer a clearly inflated wages in the absence of any requirements for education and experience.Look for information about the company on the Internet, ask your friends, arrange if someone using them.Do not be gullible - for "free" cheese usually have to pay.
Leaving for work, notify friends and family about where you are going, for how long.Leave them to the addresses and phone numbers of planned places of residence.Stipulate, in what period of time you contact them.On the other, preferably in a secret pocket, should be taken: a copy of the documents (in case you take away the originals), money (for a possible return home), telephone numbers of embassies, "hot" lines, emergency services, etc.