Follow all terrorists, not contradict them, do not join in the debate.Try to remain calm, do not panic, do not get hysterical and try as much as possible to reassure the people around you.
Be prepared to wait.Contact terrorists , negotiations, drafting a psychological portrait of the perpetrators, the development plan for the rescue operation - all this will take at least a few hours.
not see terrorists in the face, look away or look down at the floor.Do not react to the insults and humiliation from their side.
If you need to perform any actions (to stand up, sit down, drink water or take medicine, go to the toilet, etc.), ask permission.Remember
, your every gesture could be interpreted as a threat.If you feel unwell, inform.
If you interrogate terrorists, answer questions clearly and tersely, not ponder their answers for a long time.Do not attempt to move away from the contact, but at the same time do not show too apparent willingness to cooperate with terrorists - this may cause them suspicion.
Try to remember as much as possible to take the terrorists - they behaved, how to talk, how to treat each other, what weapons and what means of communication they use.If suddenly you have identified some of them, Something Wicked.
Try not located next to the door or window openings - if the security services will storm the building, these places are the most dangerous.
When the operation of your liberation has begun, do not run towards security officers or terrorists seek to acquire weapons - in which case you may be mistaken for a criminal.At the first sign assault lie on the floor face down, cover your head with your hands and do not move.So you risk the least.