you need
  • - a statement to the police;
  • - passport;
  • - medical certificate form 046-1 (or permission to have government-issue service weapon);
  • - hunting license (document confirming the occupation of sports rifle);
  • - safe weapons;
  • - receipt of payment of a fee.
Select weapons and buy it for a special safe.If it is not purchased in advance, the law enforcement agencies, and with a high degree of probability, you will give up not only the possibility of storing guns, but even in its acquisition.The fact of gun safes in the apartment usually checks the district police depa
rtment.Access to storage must not be foreign, especially minors.
Bring the application and all documents to the police department, responsible for issuing licenses.It is important to also advance to produce a hunting license fee paid.In the future, if you bought a smoothbore gun, a ticket is useful for transporting a gun and frees you from the exam testing knowledge of rules of storage.But such a test is required only for those who first bought it short arms.A month later at the reception desk will get a license that will allow to go to the store and buy a gun.And no later than two weeks after purchase, return it to its inspector.
If you are a soldier, a member of one of the security forces or work in the private security firm, the medical certificate is not needed.Instead, bring the paper to the police that after you fixed service weapon or you can store and carry your service pistol.You are a professional athlete, acquiring firearms or air guns for training and competitions?In this case, the police are required to submit a passport and a sports club or a request from the federation.
After registering you will be given a second license - in the form of cards, making it possible to use and store a gun at least five years.And having a hunting license, the same age can carry or transport it, and then require a new registration.If this is your first weapon, later you will be called to the police for the exam and will check whether you know how to properly use and store.When buying a handgun hunter ticket is not required, and a single license is sufficient.