First of all, going outside, you need to put money and valuables in inside pockets.Street criminals commit theft, mainly relying on the small amount of money that can be in a person's pocket.It happens that the offender allegedly accidentally collides with you, then apologizes, but during this quietly clean out your pocket.
cases and situations where standing in line or in transport, people think about something or thinking about their problems.This also can take advantage of the offender.It does not take much to gently pull your wallet.Also, criminals can often deliberately create artificial crush.Pushing people in
the queue, they thereby distracting and casually "checked his pockets."In such cases, cover the place where the values ​​lie or phone with your hand or hide them away.Also, be careful and try to control what is happening around.
Sometimes criminals are resorting to trickery.For example, you fit the person asking for directions or any building.You enter into conversation with him, while his team-mate has quietly isssleduet your bag.There can be only one piece of advice - do not engage in intimate conversation with a stranger, especially at night or in deserted places.Try to answer these questions briefly and watch the situation around you.
Similarly, robbing motorists.For example, your car fit young man and starts a conversation.Meanwhile, his partner gently opens the door on the other side of the car and pulls things from the front or rear seat.Therefore, in any case, do not put your bag or purse on the seat and hide somewhere far away.
Unfortunately, thefts occur not only on the street.Apartments, private homes and other premises also become targets of theft.Criminals penetrate into the apartment through the door, cracking it, or lock pick picking through the window pane.But, usually, the culprit first collects information by checking your mail, observing the presence of light in the apartment in the evening.You can significantly reduce the risk of theft, if the contract with the neighbors of that they looked after the flat in your absence, and took out a letter from the mailbox.It is also necessary to put the metal doors with security lock, and even better would be to set the house alarm.