Some facts from the history of England

In English "Scotland Yard" means "Scotland Yard".In order to understand where did this name, it is necessary to delve into the history of the century, in the Middle Ages.

King Edgar of England I gave Peaceful Scottish ruler Kenneth Part II of land in the heart of London, next to the Palace of Westminster, on the condition that he will build his residence here, which will be considered in Scotland.This was done to ensure that this ruler, annually visiting the residence, he showed respect for the English crown.

This lasted until 1603, when she died Queen Elizabeth I. Her place was taken by the Scottish governor James VI, who became King of England and Sco
tland.The residence where the king lives when he came to England, lost its original purpose.The building was used for the needs of the governments of Britain and divided it into two parts, the "Great Scotland Yard" and "Middle Scotland Yard."

1829 - the year of foundation of Scotland Yard

In the 19th century crime in London has been quite high.In 1829, the Interior Minister of England Robert Peel established the first police service.It is located in the former residence of the Scottish kings, why, and became known as Scotland Yard.

first years of police work have been very difficult, since there was no specially trained staff.Every resident of the city could search for the perpetrators.If wine caught proves the man grabbed him or to report criminal, received monetary compensation.As a result, many have declared someone a criminal for profit, revenge or even a thirst for adventure.

one of the first professionals in Scotland Yard, Inspector Charles Frederick Field, was a friend of Charles Dickens.In the novel "Bleak House," Dickens created the image of a detective Bucket, a prototype of which was his friend Field, and the word "detective" is well established and it soon became an international term.

In 1887, the British police took more than 10 buildings located close to each other, so it was decided to allocate a special room for it on the Victoria Embankment.The building was named New Scotland Yard.By 1890, the number of police officers had already increased to 13000.

Recent history of Scotland Yard

number of police departments grew, the roles and responsibilities of its employees more expanded, so has ceased to occupy the premises meet the needs of Scotland Yard.In 1967, the British police received a new building at Broadway, 10. The former premises on the waterfront of Victoria became one of its subsidiaries.And the first building occupied primarily by the police, was transferred to the British Army.

Scotland Yard has become world famous, including due to the author of the famous detective novels.First of all - Arthur Conan Doyle, who created the image of the great detective Sherlock Holmes, who conducted their investigations in parallel with British police officers.

Why the name "Scotland Yard" exists today?This shows respect for their traditions, historical memory of the British and their gratitude to the people who created one of the best police in the world.To date, Scotland Yard employs more than 30,000 people, successfully protecting the safety and peace of the inhabitants of London and its suburbs.