There was still war , which would pass without human loss and sorrow.Everyone knows that violent military action always bring irreparable loss of any state and its people, regardless of whether it is attacking or defending side.But if there are weighty reasons behind all the sacrifices that come captains and rulers of chasing phantom goal?Addressing the sad pages of history, try to identify the main motives of militant parties venturing krovoprolitie.Bolee four centuries ago in France, one after the other broke out civil war .Were fierce battles between the French Catholics, who were at that time the majority of the population, and Protestants, were in the minority."Bone of contention" of those battles was the religion.Different views on religion and toda
y remains an urgent reason for the dispute between the followers of different religions.But in the past century, when the church had almost unlimited power, this motif has been one of the fundamental factors .Prichiny war and the reasons for the Trojan War still controversial.According to one version, the battle provoked the Trojan Paris.According to numerous myths and legends, he kidnapped the Greek king Menelaus' wife.For this the Greeks decided to take revenge on the Trojans.Having collected a great army, they sailed to Troy to set foot on the path of war .Very many military battle was initiated by territorial division.Organized armed violence was started many times Reigning lords who want to increase the expanse of the state and replenish its coffers.An excellent example of the battles for territory can serve as the Livonian War, which broke out in 1558 and lasted 25 long years.The battle was fought over the territory of the Baltic states, while belonging to the Livonian ordenu.Prichiny of wars today are, more often, geopolitical nature.The developed powers under the pretext of compliance with the rights of the world by force are expanding their sphere of influence.Also, the basis for the conduct of modern local wars is the desire to control the production of strategic natural resources such as oil, natural gas, rare metals.