Talk openly with a man who takes revenge on you.Of course, this can only be done if before that among you there were some even friendly relations.Scratch difficult to start intimate conversations.Try to find out the cause of his behavior.To start a conversation you have to gather strength.In conversation it is important to refer to something that brings together (or merge) you and this man.If you're really sorry for him - to admit his guilt.Try to explain the reason for his behavior.Say that you repent of his conduct.Such a frank conversation worth venturing, if you truly repent and want to change the situation.Any falsehood, lies, sooner or later will surface.So do not even
start to lie.
Ignore vengeance fail.It will always have something to answer.Protects and win to become a victim, or simply leave.If revenge is the psychological terror, if you can - retorts answer avenging his own coin.But remember that to come to grips with the evil man you have to show malice, to attack, to repel his attack in the same way.I have to say unpleasant things, try a painful touch.Think about whether you need it?Are you more peace of your own?Perhaps the exclusion of such person from the circle of the dialogue will be the best solution.If the place of transition beyond the limits, and man threatens your health or even life - do not be afraid to ask for help of someone more powerful than this man.
To avoid becoming a target of someone's revenge, do not provoke people.Try to be tactful, discreet, especially with unfamiliar people .Entering into any dispute, remember that before you - a living person.And he has his own beliefs that are dear to him as well as your opinion and dear to you.Do not insult others, never publicly ridicule - just a shame the public can provoke anyone, even the most intelligent person on the ground.Be kind to people and you will see how the world will change towards you.Enemies get very simple, but friends - many times more difficult.