you need
  • iron door, lock, window bars, security alarm, a dog, a safe
Set iron entrance doors with solid door frame and with a good lock.Locks may be a few, but better to put one, but with a secret.Try to pick the lock of a material that can not be drilled out of the door leaf, as is often done crackers.
Install grilles on all window openings, even those whose size you feel inadequate for the intruder in the house.This advice is especially important for residents of the first and last floors, as well as private homes.
Connect the alarm.The most reliable is the protection of private security, but it is quite expensive.Cheap
er cost autonomous system, which will "roar" when trying to crack a door or window.Hope these systems lies with the neighbors who heard a howl, call the police.
Get a dog or a fighter's guard breed.Trouble with such animals a lot, but if space allows, it is worth trying to find yourself a caretaker of such a number of dogs specially trained dog experts to keep the house from invasion by outsiders.
Keep money and valuables at a bank or at least safe.Thieves are well known all "safe" place where the owners are hiding their savings.Therefore, if you do not want to use the services of the bank, set a solid house with a good safe protection system.