Chat with rowdy.Go to the neighbors and tell them that from 23 to 7 o'clock in the morning by law they are obliged to observe the silence.During this time banned the noisy repair work, loud music, running on maximum sound TV and radio.
Try to resolve the conflict peacefully.Avoid shouting, threats, do not react to provocations, if they follow.Remember that your goal - not to quarrel with neighbors, or to prove them wrong them and achieve silence.If you talk to rectify the situation persists, proceed to the next step.
call the police.Perhaps people in the form of dress can reassure rasshumevshihsya neighbors.However, too
count on the staff of the internal organs is not necessary.The best that they are capable of - a persuasive conversation with rowdy.And if they open the door.
If calls one after the other, and neighbors continue to vandalize every night - shift to more effective methods of influence.Write to us and walk with him on the porch, collecting signatures of those who also interfere with sleep inhabitants of "bad apartment".Then give the divisional application, which is obliged to take action.
Try to go to court.The statement signed by the victims of night noise, audio and video with the evidence of bullying, as well as the fact of calling the police report issued by the police is sufficient to excite an administrative case.Noisy tenants will have to pay a fine or they would face stricter sanctions.