you need
  • sunglasses
  • photocopy escape plan
  • variety of boats
  • favorite book
  • player with your favorite music
Make sure that in the case ofbeginning of the end of the world you will be able to cut down gas and electricity and will not be three o'clock seek switch or gas valve.If an earthquake begins, so you will contribute to the salvation of mankind.Examine carefully their home and place of work and make a copy of the evacuation plan in case of fire: so you'll always know where you have an escape route and where it leads.If the end of the world will declare itself in the first movement of the lithospheric plates, looking for a place away from buildings, so they have not buried under itself.Forget about matches, lig
hters and cigarettes!Such cigarettes do not take off your stress, but someone (perhaps even you yourself) will have more chance of staying alive.
But no matter how you were preparing for the end of the world, everything begins suddenly, that's for sure, because otherwise uninteresting.Most likely, you will be at the workplace.Since parts of the world usually accompanied by an unprecedented solar activity, keep to yourself sunglasses and maybe sunscreen - it is possible to get burnt.
ready mentally and physically to the "big water".The earthquakes will generate a tsunami, the heat will melt the ice, all the bodies of water (even the toilets!) Come out of the banks.It should be reserved by means of a variety of swimming.The course will inflatables, plastic bottles, rafts, buoys, inflatable mattresses, with whom you go to the sea, inflatable balls.Learn to swim, if still do not know how.And most importantly, do not panic!
If you are caught fire (no fire and only end of the world will not do), wrap the face with a wet cloth and crawl get out of the smoke zone.Remember that when a fire takes the lives of the majority does not fire, and the smoke it.It would be absurd in the beginning of the end of the world poisoned by carbon monoxide or even see what it was all over, is not it?
Now about more pleasant things.Suppose you ran out of time to destroy buildings, emerged from the flood and avoid fires.Let us assume that you are witnessing the end of the world.Even if it is all so (in this case, you - a wonderful example of skill, luck and self-control), no one gives a guarantee that after the end of the world do not have to live on.So, in preparation for 2012, please bring your most favorite book and the player with your favorite music (do not forget headphones!): Vtoroe though a certain time (until the batteries have expired) will brighten your post-apocalyptic existence, and the first will transmitcrumbs accumulated wisdom of generations of post-apocalyptic future.