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evaluate the behavior of members of the organization, particular attention should be paid to executives.As a rule, in the sects is a serious emphasis on self-marketing.Often held some seminars and meetings "just for us", you can literally impose books, magazines, audio and video products.And sectarian appeal not to the mind or heart, but to the passions and unconscious.A rational understanding of their words is virtually eliminated.
Note the attitude towards newcomers in the organization.In sects, each phrase rookie has attracted considerable interest.Man feels like it here, and every day it harder to leave the organization.In addition, new adherents are constantly surrounded by "experienced" sectarians.Opportunities to be alone with yourself and th
ink about the situation there is practically no.
Analyze the hierarchy in the organization.Many sects of people pay money for access to new levels.For example, you may be invited to a paid seminar for the attainment of secret knowledge.At the end of the event is to say that the more expensive the seminar, you will learn something that you pick up on the next stage of development.People give money in return for the information, which in real life does not help them.
Note that as members of the organization to defend their positions.The sectarians claim that their only true doctrine, and only they are worthy of heaven, everyone else is doomed to destruction.The founder of the sect at least a prophet, as a maximum - god.
Assess the organization's control over its members.Sects aspire to total submission to their followers "great idea."The apartments and houses are northern communities.Their characteristic features - a tough schedule, food restrictions, clearly painted work of each adept.