you need
  • pen, paper
By the way, does not necessarily address the letter is the district inspector, although it stop you, no one can.The fact that all the complaints, applications and complaints of citizens coming to the bodies of internal affairs, after considering the head of the unit or one of his deputies.It was he who decides who is to entrust consideration of your question.
In any case, you will have to formulate the essence of his conversion.But first, in the upper right corner of the page, specify to whom you address statement , writing his position, surname and initials.Do it right you will be in the office of the internal affairs or in the duty of.
Include, from whom comes statement (your name, address, telephone number).Alas, anonymous statements are noted only when the
y contain explicit information about serious crime.
now confidently insert the word in the middle of the sheet « statement » and describe the essence of your treatment.You should try to indicate what happened, the place, day and time of the violation or incident described by its specific circumstances.Write only about what they saw or heard yourself - speculation and conjecture, as they say, irrelevant podoshesh.
If the accident has other possible witnesses, enter their data and addresses.
can specify what, in your opinion, measures should be taken against violators of the order.Remember, however, that the decision on the application of administrative or other legal effects will take the chief of the internal affairs in accordance with law.
Put under statement m with its signature decoding and date.In consideration of your application is given three days to a month, depending on the specific circumstances which may properly qualify as described by you breaking the law.
To answer was guaranteed, you should send a statement by registered mail to the appropriate authority of the Interior.You can own and carry statement to the office of authority and officially register their appeal, thus you are required to give back the receipt of the registration document indicating the date of registration.
And finally - remember that the facts you have, where possible, fully and clearly describe the situation and to be reliable.