complaint But you must send to the competent authorities.In fact, the possibility to appeal against actions of the representative of the law - is a solid guarantee of self-defense, but not always one hundred percent.
Report you can in a few instances.The complaint directly to the official police or a higher authority.In this case, you are writing to express their claims and applying to the official, subordinate who is an employee who has earned your displeasure.
To do this, you certainly need to know beforehand, an employee of the department is a police officer.See it on the license token can be law enforcement officers, or to ask him di
rectly.Such information, he has no right to hide, as it is a disciplinary offense.
usually no strict form of complaint has not, and is provided by you in writing with an indication of their initials and surnames fact employee police , which is the object of your claims.Still, it has its own unspoken structure.
Your complaint should contain three conditional parts: introduction (formal), descriptive and "pleading".Accordingly, the start of the formal declaration stating its full details as well as the position and name of the person to whom the complaint is addressed.By filling cap, proceed to the presentation of events in which a policeman had been violated your rights or legitimate interests harmed.Please note that it is advisable not simply to present the facts but refer to the fact that the conflict there were witnesses, or, for example, there is a movie, and so on. In the pleading of the need to specify what kind of proceedings in your view should be conducted: a disciplinary or criminal.
At the end of the complaint, you must sign and date.One copy give (send) and the second with a note on leave at the reception.By law, a complaint must be reviewed within 10 days.
complaint to the prosecutor.The law allows citizens whose rights have been violated by representatives of the law, contact the prosecutor's office, as a higher authority with complaints and statements that should be considered in the terms defined by the legislation.Form compilation of the same complaints and claims are presented to it similar.