Prime Ministers, in addition to formal diplomatic meetings, receptions, frequented by various companies and organizations, as well as public events - cultural, sports, charities, etc.At the same time they communicate with many people.

Remember that these people surrounding the highly professional security, consisting of employees whose skills brought to automatism.Therefore, being in close proximity to the prime minister does not hold in their hands the objects that can be used as a weapon.Refrain from sudden movements, try not to thrust his hand into his pocket or in his bosom, and even more so do not try to break through to the high-ranking visitor.Intentions you can be very helpfu
l, but the guards did not know.They have only one task - to protect at all costs "object".Therefore, they act according to the rule: first, it is necessary to neutralize the threat, and then to understand how serious it was.Keep this in mind so as not to incur the trouble.

considered inadmissible as hailing the Prime Minister, asking him to come to you for autographs, take your written complaint, answer a question, etc.Remember that it is at all desire can not be given to everyone who has him a question, request, complaint or suggestion.If you are unable to speak to him in person, you can leave a message on the official website of the Prime Minister, or send a letter to his reception, for example.

If the Prime Minister spoke to you, try to behave modestly, but with dignity.Speak only in the case, without going to extremes, refraining from personal requests.But, of course, if you consider yourself unjustly offended, slighted in their rights of a Russian citizen, you can briefly describe the nature of your claim and ask for help.