After the war of 1941-1945, analyzing the experience of fighting, it was decided to create a special forces unit on the basis of the GRU to conduct sabotage operations behind enemy lines, as well as in-depth intelligence work during the fighting.GRU also in peacetime, should be engaged in operations to eliminate terrorists and counter-intelligence work.Therefore, the Main Intelligence Directorate Special Forces recruit the best of the best, those who were to carry out complex and not always unambiguous objectives.GRU special forces soldier must not only be physically hardy, and be mentally prepared for any eventuality.Therefore, training fighters was carried out in two directions:
- in terms of physical fitness and endurance;
- in psychophysiological moral training.

selection fighters

The GRU can choose to serve as a soldier of any military unit, in terms of if it is suitable for service in that unit.To do this you must have:
- fitness for service in the Army Airborne;
- discharge of military-applied sports (shooting, parachuting, running, martial arts).


Like sixty years ago, the first of which begins with the preparation of the future commando - a physical endurance.At this stage, within six months of training at the Riot minimum sleep time (3 to 5 hours per day) and tight schedule, which takes place in training for:
- shooting;
- I run;
- fighting;
- physical, moral and psychological preparation.
most rigorous selection occurs during the first month of classes, when most candidates is eliminated.

¬ęBlank" training is not conducted in 1951, each learning task - a quest for conditional survival - to destroy the enemy and thus to survive.Therefore, classes are held in as close to combat conditions.For example, if the classes are taught in unarmed combat, the combat training takes place in full contact.


In order to survive and destroy the enemy commando taught to use as a weapon of any improvised means, such as sticks, stones, pieces of glass and bottles and more.

Physical training includes the following occupations:
- daily running 10 km with obstacles;
- Circuit Training with the implementation of various physical exercises;
- melee combat activity.

the third month of special training sessions begin, aimed at the formation of mental and emotional portrait of fighter.For example, young people learn not to react to loud and sharp sounds, to get used to the uncomfortable conditions (darkness, a long beep, humidity, light).Some long-term lessons are assigned the fears, there are lessons to teach methods of pain relief, short, SWAT discourage fear and convinced him that he was stronger than any fear and just need to be afraid of him.

parallel work on the inspiration of a sense of duty to the motherland and the resulting obligation to comply with any order.This is not a zombie, as many believe, because soldiers are trained and a variety of subjects and science, which will give odds to many college and university courses.