Why is such cruelty, why man, father of two children and stepfather of another child, had made such a brutal step?Affect whether it is a symptom or mental disabilities?

What happened in the family Kabanov

Alexey a day after the New Year celebrations seriously quarreled with his wife.She became aware of the presence of her husband's mistress, and she made a scandal.Kaban not come up with anything better than to grab the lead from the speakers and throw Irina neck.It is accompanied by noise, which came out of the bedroom eldest child, Irina.Strangled his wife, Kabanov took the baby into the room and put him to bed.

Boar killed his wife at once, when he was putting his son to bed, Irene was still alive, but was unconscious.

About any strong emotion is cool does not indicate, a
s the wife after the husband went back to finish, and then dismembered her body at all.Kabanov all the forces trying to play the role of inconsolable husband and father, writing in the social network with your account that Irina may have left as her passport, he did not find.

volunteers started to search and Kabanov at this time quietly disposed of the dismembered body of his wife, at the time the car borrowed from his mistress.The woman did not even know what's in the trunk of her car.He was not in a hurry, because he believed that the remains of someone else's car, no one will look.

true reasons for the murder

assessment of the actions of Alexey Kabanov gave expert psychiatrist who cooperates with law enforcement agencies, Mikhail Vinogradov.In his words, Kabanov - the usual maniac caught after the first killing.His behavior is typically because a maniac enjoy the process, and subsequent searches, he likes to be the "star" of the screen to act on the brink of a foul, when at any moment he might reveal.Some criminals able at this stage to escape justice.

similar case was in Ryazan, when the groom killed the bride, and then searched for her all along, even the girl's father invited me to live.

happiness for the society that "inconsolable husband" to stop.Analyzing the act, it is clear that the assassination was prepared Kabanov, about any random question.On depression from lack of money is not written off, since in these situations a man after the murder of loved ones, places his hands on himself or trying to do so.Here there is narcissism, wild boar cynical corpses were transported fragments of landfills and in the background the car, in the trunk where they lay dead wife, gave an interview to the media.It is a pity that after the first case he gets a life sentence, and after a while come back to continue what has been started.