In some cases, the dog may attack the human

Beast inciting the host;It is the rarest but most dangerous case as trained dogs trained to dodge oncoming attacks and can even cope with an armed man.

dogs have shown that you threaten its owner.

dog something angry: a drunken man, a cyclist or a runner, the person making sudden movements, etc .;

rabid animals - throws all and everyone.

way to confront an aggressive dog

is strictly not allowed to show the dog fear - animals smell the adrenaline in a few meters!On the other hand, the welfare and feel sorry for aggressive animals, too, should not - do

not have to act less aggressively, in fact endanger your health and even life!There is a psychological trick: at the time of the attack have to imagine that you are not attacked by a dog, and a short man with a knife in each hand.

can never flee from an angry dog ​​- still will not work!A flashing feet only further embitter the animal.In no event it is impossible to turn back to the beast, as the attack dog in most cases it back.

One way to stop dog aggression - loudly and imperiously give the dog the command "No!".You can menacing growl on the animal, always at the same time showing his teeth.

If the dog attacks the front and ready to pounce should put forward one hand in a fist with the other hand to try to grab the dog by the neck from behind and make a breakthrough.

If you need to defend itself, the course can go to different objects: bottles, sticks, rocks, etc.It should be remembered that the most painful points of the dog is the nose and nose, as well as the middle of the back and stomach - sometimes a good impact in this area may be enough to beast retreated.

If the hand was nothing, have to use their own clothes - take off your coat, jacket or shirt and try to throw a muzzle on the dog.This will give a few seconds for some protective actions - for example, press the dog to the ground and a little throttle.

should know that the dog always looks at the place that is going to grab.Therefore, we must try to calculate its actions and dodge fraudulent traffic to knock the animal down and pressed to the ground (or hit).

If the dog is going to cling to the hand to do hand quick circular movements, and the beast will be difficult to grab her.And it is better not to attack the dog and try to dodge and move backwards and to the side - may have lost the desire to attack the aggressor.

If the beast is still attacked and seized, we can apply this technique: put your index finger and thumb in the recess under the jaw on both sides of the trachea, and strongly squeeze these recesses - painful hold, the dog will lose self-control.In order to prevent a good idea to ask friends, dog lover show you where these pain points at the peace pet.

When meeting with aggressive dogs occur regularly, then a good idea to stock up on special means - for example, an ultrasonic device "Antidog" stun, cans of pepper mixture.These funds will help ward off the beast without causing much damage to him.You can choose to make the mixture in a ratio of 1: 1 of the very low-quality tobacco, crushed to dust, and ground hot pepper, pour the mixture into a small pot, and always carry with them;in the event of an attack dog sharply pour it in the face.

But the best - never fall into similar situations!