Do not try to bring to justice their enemies, betraying publicized their past sins.In doing so, you get a reputation for troublemakers.It is better to think about what you do not serve their persecutors.The reasons for their dissatisfaction dictate your actions.
Well analyze who and why it was necessary to discredit you.If you are a victim of intrigues at work, as a result of which has been questioned your competence, or you stripped position, act immediately.Do not wait until the unjust slander spoil your reputation permanently.
Contact your superiors, throwing all sorts of sentiments.Explain what are the victim of bullying, intrigues of envious, but not ceased to be a great professional.Ask to give you a chance to r
estore the good name of the professional.If the work can not be in the same team, have translated into a branch.Be persistent, but calm.The hysterical tone in such situations can spoil everything.
Be ready for performance verification.If necessary, initiate it.When it comes to, for example, about the alleged misappropriation of large sums in any case do not agree that you can not wash dirty linen in public, and you'd better leave quietly.May will be a big scandal.The publicity will help you to win over those who have been in a similar situation, advising such people are very useful, especially if you are in isolation.
Convincing someone that they are right, present the facts.Gather all the information in his defense, state it clearly.Wringing hands, shouting, "I am an honest man," to leave the stage.Whatever you have been wronged, do not let emotions take over.
faith that justice will triumph necessarily.You will be able to defend their honor, and hardly anyone in the future will want to re-offend you.You just do not let it be done.