Save water .This will not only make a significant contribution to the preservation of the water balance of the planet, but also greatly save the family budget.
Wash the dishes in the dishwasher.If you download the complete volume of water expended on cleaning the dishes, will be twice less than that needed for its washing under the tap.
If this technology you do not wash your dirty dishes in the sink with a closed tube.At the same time, try to use the minimum amount of cleaning agents.After washing the plates in this way, change water and rinse them in clean water.Even changing water several times, you do not spend the amount that coul
d have resulted from the constantly open faucet.
During cooking, wash all fruits and vegetables are not under the tap, and in a pot of water.Beginning in this case, with cleaner plants.
Run the washing machine only when fully loaded drum.At the same time try not to use the additional rinse mode.
Use a shower instead of a bath.This is several times to reduce the amount of water consumed.Moreover, such a procedure is more useful to the organism and takes less time.Also, turn off the water while soaping.
wash and wash your hands under a small jet of water.It often is necessary to wash very small amount of water, and the remaining part is shed in vain.You can also turn off the faucet while brushing and mouthwash at - use glass.
Use rainwater for irrigation water .It is suitable for both indoor plants and for growing in flowerbeds.Collect it can in a bucket or large barrels.It depends on the required volume.
Repair the entire plumbing.Constantly dripping faucet or toilet is able to spend a few buckets of water a day.And put on the toilet tank with double sink.
Being in nature, do not throw trash, not only in the water , but also on the ground nearby.After all, with contaminated soil can not be pure waters.