Traffic rules clearly govern how the pedestrian can cross the road.By the way, for those who violate these rules and the penalty provided.But in today's world, where everything is in a hurry, many can not wait five minutes until the lights allowing traffic signal or walk a few meters to go.Although adherence to these rules guarantees the safety of life and health.
If you need to pass the intersection, which is regulated by a pedestrian traffic light, then you should wait until the traffic light then light the green signal or image to appear walking man.Almost all modern pedestrian traffic lights show how much time is left before the red light.If there are only a couple of seconds, no nee
d to run out into the roadway.It may happen that you do not have time to cross the road to the moment that lights up the enable signal for the movement of vehicles.At this point someone can drive up to speed on the crossroads and go at it without stopping.Of course, under the current rules, the driver should give you a complete transition of the road.But there are weather conditions that limit visibility.
If you move the intersection, focusing on automobile traffic, then it is necessary to know some of the nuances.It is believed that you need to cross the road on the green light.So, you have to cross the road parallel to the moving vehicles.But it so happens that the vehicle turns, and your paths cross.Therefore, the transition of the road transport traffic lights without additional section be sure to look around.Still, the man is easier to stop than a car.
In some cities more green sections are lit simultaneously pedestrian traffic lights.In this case, the driver must have definitely miss.There are sections that are always lit in green.Passing such roads, be careful.Begin to go, just making sure that the car stopped and you miss.