Seeing that man fainted, sharply turned pale, feel his pulse.If no pulse, an urgent need to start chest compressions.It helps to perform the basic function of the heart to maintain blood flow.Do you need a massage to restore complexion.Artificial respiration is not stopped.
mechanism chest compressions as follows: stand to the left of the person, place one hand on the bottom of the sternum, the other arm lay perpendicular.Strong, accompanied by his own body weight (but dosing force) push in the direction of the spine.Do massage 60 times a second.Child heart massage is done 110 times per minute, and the nee
d to press one hand and the baby and did fingertips.
artificial respiration is necessary to restore the functions of the lungs, it is carried to the victim's spontaneous inspiration.The mechanism of artificial respiration following:
- put the victim on the ground or table, so that he was in a horizontal position;
- clean the mouth of foreign bodies, mucus, dirt and so on.Often it is a foreign body ingestion causes suffocation.If the victim has not regained consciousness, continue CPR;
- Zaprokinte his head, cover the face with a handkerchief or gauze.Take a full breath.If it is a child, the mouth is necessary to cover the nose and mouth, if an adult - the nose, hold hands and close your mouth tightly.During the second air blown into the mouth.The victim should rise chest.If the rose and abdomen, then push the epigastric abdomen to expel air from the stomach.
These actions need to prodelyvat 15-17 times per minute, accompanying cardiac massage.Both the reception must be done comprehensively, otherwise the effect will not be.Taking one breath, followed by five consecutive compressions in the heart.It is desirable to be done by two people.Prior to the provision of assistance, it is necessary to call "ambulance."Task rescuer to make the victim was able to hold on to it soon.Even if the result of your actions, he was able to recover his body is in a state of shock, so he will need rehabilitation in hospital.