Feed in distress and give necessary.In a state of mental decline a person feels vulnerable.Because good intentions of others suggest something perceived negatively.In this state, like a wretched grin puppy who does not admit to himself and does not allow to release it in the gap lapu.Priglasiv person at the table, you help him to relax.Food and clothing - the simplest, what needs dipped to feel protected.Leave edifying conversation with him, but instead give the required need.You can touch him to the core, even if the accident did not outwardly show.Man is important to know that someone cares about him.
Tell about something spiritual.While he is eating your bread, think of how to feed the pigeons seeds.Tell me how to save mon
ey to buy a gift for my mother.On the one hand, it would distract from the sad thoughts of the interlocutor.On the other hand, his soul will be attracted to you as to an understanding person.
Ask how neighbor's affairs.Ask this question casually.Do not try to show that the person on the face of written experiences.If you want to, at this moment he uttered.Not everyone needs a confession before a stranger.Certain enough that they paid attention to.After parting with you, familiar feel relief and find the strength to fight.
listen to the interlocutor.If people began to speak, do not join in the conversation.Turn into "big ear".Who can express the inner state of words, he knows the way out.Therefore, the Council will not be useful.Your task - to help the neighbor said that pent up.The rest is superfluous.Shut up, to provide assistance .
give people hope.When the eyes of the interlocutor brighten, tell that he would solve the problem.He is important to understand that someone believes in it.Even if no concrete decision has matured, he intuitively feel that there is on the right track.Believe in the person and give him great joy.He raises his head and find the strength to win.