Learn to rejoice and give thanks.This - the basis of the good life.Avoid negative news.Reach out to the light.Buoyant will give you the strength to overcome trials.
Eliminate debts.Give to all who need it.Do this as quickly as possible.
Minimize costs.If there are no funds to pay for a large apartment, change it for less.Be reasonable.Go to another fare to pay less for Internet and telephone.You will be more money.Consider all the costs.
create a strategic reserve.In times of crises fast without it can not live.Bodo Schaefer in the book "The path to financial independence" recommends keeping
emergency reserve funds, which no one knows.Do you use them only in a situation of bankruptcy.You must have the money for a period of 6 to 12 months to pay all the bills.In the case of loss of employment it allows you to safely pass retraining courses or wait out the crisis, knowing that do not accumulate debt.To create such a reserve, it is necessary to learn to save.It is our habits convince us that money and so lacking.Do not miss their will during a severe crisis, which you may not be ready when he comes.Because save right now.
Keep a collection of abstracts.How to live in this world ?Many people gave the answer in his books.They talk as passed through poverty, hunger, and then reached of what dreamed.You need to know how they did it.You must have a lot of notes.Write down the basic principles of success and good examples of the application of these principles.Knowing how to act, one will lead you to a better life.
Manage health.A healthy person is able to start all over again.The sick, frail, weak slowly dies.What would you now no matter what happens - begin to strengthen themselves.Find biographies of people who were healed of the terrible disease that no longer rely on pills and took control of health into their own hands.Every day you have to become stronger, regardless of age.Even in later years, many continue to be engaged, leaving an example of young people.
attempts were made to break.When there is a strategic reserve, you can safely try, try and try to put into practice what is written in your notes.