To prevent fire situation it is necessary to know the main causes of fires.This is primarily a careless handling of fire, failure to comply with the rules of operation of electrical appliances, lightning, self-ignition of combustible materials, failure to comply with rules for use of gas stoves.
Camping, do not leave behind a fire unquenched.This tank with a fire, and not simply wait until no longer burning wood - the embers can easily flare up again.A fire, campfire groove dug in a place or pour the sand in a circle to fire did not spread beyond the allotted space under it.Never build fires in the dry hot weather.
in the country and where many wooden buildings and trees, do not burn trash, grass fires.When using barbecue observe the direction
of the wind, not to spark spread to wooden buildings.When you call the fire always have on hand an adequate supply of water for the quick response.
House follow the correct operation of household appliances and a gas stove.Explain to children from an early age rules for handling flammable items, do not allow children to sockets, electrical appliances, gas stove.
A lot of fires are due to careless handling of cigarettes.Take for unquestioning rule never to smoke in bed and always careful to put out butts before throwing it away.
leaving home and going to bed, be sure to check that all electrical appliances and cooker have been turned off.
To prevent fire a result of lightning, for example, in the country, set next to the house lightning rod.
the workplace have a fire extinguisher in each room.In addition, each employee should think of how to use it in case of a fire situation.Managers should also regularly measure the standard of fire safety: consultation of employees, monitoring the fire alarm system, providing easy access to emergency exits.