Body hygiene

rules of personal hygiene and compliance with general hygiene requirements - not only an essential part of a healthy lifestyle, but also an indicator of general human culture.From these requirements it depends not only on your health but also the health of those around you at home and at work.

Body hygiene includes daily skin care of the body and hands, hair and oral.Maintaining the cleanliness of the skin is daily water treatments, prevents odors.But if you need to take a shower every day, you can restrict the use of pads 1-2 times per week.After intense physical labor or exercise a shower - a mandatory procedure.Feet should be washed with soap and water every day.In the swimming pool, sauna ba
th and wear rubber shoes on his feet, protecting against infection by fungal diseases.

particularly important to monitor the cleanliness of hands and nails, as it is here that accumulates the highest number of bacteria.Be sure to wash your hands after visiting the toilet and public spaces, contact with animals before eating.In the absence of water, use special wipes impregnated with disinfectant.Fingernails should always be well groomed and neatly trimmed.

Teeth and tongue coating should be cleaned every day twice a day - morning and evening before bedtime.After eating, rinse your mouth, and you must use dental floss to remove food trapped between teeth.Once a year, you need to visit the dentist for preventive and operative treatment.

hair should be washed as they are pollution, using specially selected for this type of hair cleansers.You need a haircut, "update" at least once in two months, and those who have long hair, you need to regularly cut the tips that they are not flogged.

Hygiene clothing and bedding

Underwear should be changed after each bath, it must be made of natural fabrics that provide access to the body of the air and absorption.Socks and stockings were changed daily.Clothing should always be clean and ironed, shoes - scrubbing.Do not use someone else's clothes and shoes.Wear clothing appropriate weather conditions, your size and anatomy.

Use only your towels and linens, which is necessary to change once a week.Before going to bed, ventilate the room where you are going to sleep.Use sleeping separate set of clothes or specially adapted therefor pajamas and nightgowns.Do not let your pet sleep in the bed with you.