What curfew

curfew - is, above all, the restriction on the freedom of movement of citizens in the legislation of certain time.Such measures are aimed at ensuring the safety of ordinary citizens and are entered in the event of an emergency on the territory of the provisions related to the military operations, the threat of man-made disasters or political instability, high crime rates.Compliance is monitored by special units of the security forces or police, who patrol the towns and monitor the implementation of the restrictive measures.

Why curfews in peacetime

Since 2009, the territory of the Russian has a curfew for teens.These measures are designed not only to restrict the freedom of minors as to ensur
e their safety, their freedom from the negative effects and to protect them from criminal elements.It is no secret that the number of crimes committed with the participation of children under the age of 18 and committed against them, much improved, and almost daily reports of police have data loss, murder and rape of children, adolescents vagrancy.TV news programs are full of rolls of unscrupulous parents, through the fault of which the children are behaving inappropriately, consume alcohol and drugs, get into trouble.To eradicate such incidents just sent curfews for teens.Both children and their parents should be aware that such a measure is necessary, first of all, to ensure the safety of the younger generation.

Which limits are curfews

By law, young persons under the age of 16, can not stay outside the home unless accompanied by a parent or guardian after 22.00.An original impetus for the adoption of the articles of the law were the frequent cases of crimes against teens at night.For example, in 2009 in one of the cities in the Urals during a drunken brawl at a nightclub killed three girls who were only 14 years old.

Article curfew provides an opportunity to increase the local authorities that age, but not more than 2 years.That is, if the authorities in the region believe that the likelihood of harm to children and young criminals in their territory is very large, they may impose restrictions on freedom of movement in a certain period of time and people under 18 years.

But there are other examples of the curfew in the territory of Russia.One of them works in the capital, and prohibits the movement within the city transit vehicles.The ban is valid from 6.00 to 22.00 and it is due to the frequent occurrence of congestion on the roads of the city is due to the fault of such vehicles.

What punishment prescribed by law for violation of the curfew

for violation of procedure established by the curfew, imposed a fine or arrest for a term of 3 to 15 days.If the law is violated child will suffer the punishment of his parents.If the law violated the adult, respectively, the punishment he will incur.For violation of the curfew child is supposed to a fine of from 500 to 1000 rubles.For highway toll Moscow on heavy vehicles in the forbidden time for it, the fine imposed on the driver and the vehicle may endure on spetsstoyanku.