first and most important rule: always, everywhere and in all circumstances, do not forget the reasonable vigilance, caution.Deceived people are then often sigh, "Well, it's been impeccably polite, educated, intelligent man, he inspired such trust," or "She was so young, beautiful, modest, we might suspect this sweet girl?".Remember, you can not blindly trust anyone.As they say, trust but verify.
«Free cheese is only in a mousetrap."If you are offered somewhere to invest the mo
ney for a fabulously favorable terms, immediately alert.For you, it should sound as an alarm.A deaf ear reproachful arguments such as: "Do you not trust me, do I look like a cheater?".Fun - great psychologists, they know what a decent, educated person is difficult to answer a direct refusal - and suddenly offended.So, do not be afraid to refuse, politely but firmly.If a person is offended, it's not your problem.
«Salvation drowning - the handiwork of drowning."Unfortunately, our reality is that the people themselves have to ensure their security.Do not let strangers into the apartment.If someone rings the doorbell, posing as police officers, administration of social security and so on, it slightly open, pre-throwing chain.Ask who came to show their IDs.Do not be lazy (and, again, did not hesitate) immediately call to clarify whether or not there are people working and whether they are sent to your address.Only then open the door and let these people in the apartment.
If the neighbors, retirees go some strangers whom you have never seen before, certainly will question what was going on.Very often the victims of scams are just older people who because of the inherent age mental changes become very trusting.
«No guessing or removal of damage."Do not enter the street to talk with the gypsies, refuses the offer to tell fortunes.Remember, some of them may hypnotic influence gullible people.