Be prepared for this situation.You can get into a crush on the subway, on sale at the concert, rally, festive event.The reason for the stampede can serve as a fire, an accident, an emotional outburst of the crowd.Always and everywhere need to remember the following rules.
Try to move in the direction of travel of the crowd, moving diagonally to the edge.It is unsafe to be anywhere in the crowd, the best - do not get into it.But if you still hit, taking the situation seriously, and immediately begin to fight for life.
Being on a large-scale event in the room or on sale at the mall you need to accurately represent where the exits.The crowd is always rushes to and from your awareness may depend on your safety.If you do not have t
ime to run to the door first, try to keep up with the crowd (unless it is a fire).
While around you still have space, remove themselves - scarf, cross, any jewelry, laces on the hood, pull everything out of his pockets, throw bag, fasten all the buttons.Any object can be fatal for you.
Do not approach the walls, windows, railings, grids, any protruding objects.The same applies to hustle on the street.Head of human bodies can be so strong that just crush you about any obstacle.On the street, try to get out of the crowd in the alley entrance, shop.
plant Child on the shoulders or on the bridge of the hands of two adults.If the stampede were conscious people, the baby rolled forward "on the surface" of the crowd.The same can be done and adult.
is at the epicenter, keep your arms bent at the elbows in front of him, protecting the thorax from squeezing.Do not stop, do not lose.If dropped, get up carefully.It is better to wait for the time, otherwise you ottopchut or broken arm.First, fold up into a ball, covering his head with his fists.Then expose foot forward in the course of the crowd, and under the pressure of coming back, try to get up.
in an aggressive mood of the crowd (at a sports event or a meeting) psychologists advise not to look anyone straight in the eye, but do not go with his head down.It can trigger an attack.Look slightly to the side, but peripheral vision is happening around the mark.
When the crowd began to disperse the police, do not run, stay calm.From tear gas cover the eyes, nose and mouth with a wet handkerchief (it can be wet with saliva).